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Bluetooth 5 Protocol Analyzers

Frontline Bluetooth 5 Protocol Analyzers. 

Capture Bluetooth 5 traffic from the AIR or from the HCI circuitry.

Decrypt, parse, decode, display and SEE the data in a human developer comprehensive manner. See also the Complementary Tools & Add-Ons or the whole family of Frontline Bluetooth Protocol Analyzers.

Be faster to develop, to troubleshoot, to have a product on a market.

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Frontline Bluetooth 5 Protocol Analyzers

Bluetooth 5 Protocol Analyzers


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Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Wideband Protocol Analyzer

Bluetooth 5 Development

It is here,


start to develop for
Bluetooth 5 Low Energy.

Captures and analyzes all OVER-the-AIR Bluetooth 5 LE packets.

Allows development and testing of the new Low Energy
· Fast speed (2x)
· Long range (4x)
· Extended Advertising (800%)
· Bluetooth Mesh
devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Bluetooth 5 Wideband Protocol Analyzer

Bluetooth 5 Development

Focused SODERA variants
of the full-fledged Bluetooth 5
protocol analyzer are ready now.

Pay less for what you precisely need.

Nov 2018: The New Offer of six Frontline SODERA variants allows you to pick such a variant which exactly covers your development needs and spec features of the product which you develop. It allows you to minimize your expenditure and/or to to equip your team with more various SODERA units.

New SODERA variants allow you to focus on either BR/EDR or LE radio and the related Bluetooth stack. You are also free to choose the wideband over-the-air sniffing unit only or include the additional advanced capabilities, too.

All BR/EDR SODERA variants feature the Audio Expert System included.

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