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Frontline developer analyzers for various protocols and interfaces

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Frontline 802.11

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802.11 a/b/g/n Protocol Analyzer

The precise and comprehensive analysis tool to inspect 802.11 and Bluetooth over 802.11 wireless communications.


To be used with:


• BPA600

• BPA500 (a legacy analyzer)

• or standalone.


It includes powerful 

• Frontline software and

• the 802.11 a/b/g/n hardware interface (ie. the “yellow” box).


Frontline SD

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SD 2.0 Protocol Analyzer


Frontline NFC

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NFC-A / NFC-B / NFC-F Protocol Analyzer

The Frontline NFC Protocol Analyzer includes powerful Frontline software and the NFC hardware interface. 


It captures and analyzes:

• device to device, 

• device to tag, and 

• device as tag 

data transfers.


Both for the NFC development as well as for the NFC based out of band pairing Bluetooth development.


Frontline HSU-PS

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High Speed UART Protocol Analyzer, with ProbeSync