AXONNET takes care of you during all stages of the product selection, acquisition and use

AXONNET was founded in 1991 and became the Frontline Authorized Reseller in 1994.

The company sales and supports the whole range of Frontline tools.

AXONNET focuses to know all sold products intimately to accompany its customers. 

“Our aim is to assist you to choose the proper tool which solves your needs and to help you to be able to use it efficiently.

EU 28+3: Ready to visit and support youFirst expert visit to Your Premises is FREE! 1

You can take advantage of it eg. for a:

• pre-sale presentation or trial of products in your technical environment

• delivery, handover, initial usage training

• on-site technical support event

Pre-sale and after-sale technical support is FREE 2

We provide a friendly, thorough, and timely response by

• emails (or other messaging systems of choice)

• calls 3

• e-conferencing, remote electronic assistance...

• direct elevation of complex matters or feedback to the vendor

Next Day Delivery within the EU 4

• AXONNET's carrier is capable of next-day door-to-door delivery within the EU

• both for delivery as well as other transport needs

• no customs procedures on either side

Languages of the communication

UK flag We speak and write ENGLISH as a lingua franca in the electronics and IT industries. We believe that the vast majority of hardware developers and engineers is enough fluent in English to communicate their technical matters and purchase issues with us. At the same time we are available in a physically reachable geographical proximity when needed and/or the EU common market provides the frictionless delivery of goods.

DE flagWe may read GERMAN, especially when used as the language of your technical or other documents, when it makes you more comfortable, ie. to make our mutual communication as efficient as possible.

RU flagIn a similar manner we may also read documents and messages written in RUSSIAN.


 1) Applicable conditions of the "First expert FREE visit" offer are:

▪ your site up to 1000 km from Prague by car (planes do not allow always to take all necessary devices on board any longer); within the EU customs union; longer journeys or cases can be considered on individual basis

▪ includes up to half a day stay in your office; can be extended when reasonable

▪ an acquisition of an analyzer of the value higher than €6.500 (approx. $7.200) w/o VAT

▪ in the case of pre-sale presentation your demand should be serious, though non-binding; up to the consideration of AXONNET 

2) We offer an overall generous amount and scope of tech support concerning the use of supplied products. Only clearly abusive or hugely improper demands are excluded.

3) Even time extensive calls are possible after mutual time agreement and when using cost efficient communication means.

4) Next day delivery:
▪ may require to keep certain time limit (eg. any action before 15:00)
▪ can be subject of a surcharge occasionally
▪ the product indicated or confirmed to be on the stock