• SODERA LE Window
  • SODERA LE Frame_Display
  • SODERA LE Message Sequence Chart
  • SODERA LE Timeline View
  • SODERA LE Timeline and Frame Display packet synchronization
  • SODERA LE PER (Packet Error Rate) Statistics Window
  • SODERA LE Conductive Test Setup


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Bluetooth 5 Low Energy Wideband Protocol Analyzer

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Bluetooth 5 Development

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start to develop for
Bluetooth 5 Low Energy.

Captures and analyzes all OVER-the-AIR Bluetooth 5 LE packets.

Allows development and testing of the new Low Energy
· Fast speed (2x)
· Long range (4x)
· Extended Advertising (800%)
· Bluetooth Mesh
devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Develop for Bluetooth 5 Low Energy !

Anybody who seriously undertakes the development or testing of Bluetooth 5 LE devices is of the need to have a tool which displays the Bluetooth LE packets as they happen in the air. To see their content, timing, mutual relations, all relevant statistics. Frontline SODERA LE is exactly such an instrument, tailored on the distinctiveness of Bluetooth LE protocols. It builds up on Frontline's 16+ years experience in Bluetooth protocol analysis technologies and markets as well as on the continuous observance of and participation in Bluetooth SIG specifications development.

Even programmers of more complex or certified Bluetooth software, control systems, and other advanced applications make use of SODERA LE to check and oversee that their systems are well designed and safely confined within available communication resources under the conditions of larger systems, heavier external traffic or interferences.

SODERA LE is a wideband Bluetooth protocol analyzer capable of sniffing all Bluetooth low energy channels simultaneously. SODERA captures the traffic of all Bluetooth LE devices (nodes) within the range, regardless of the topology or the used protocols. It passes detected packets on to the Frontline software for intricate analysis and comprehensive review.

SODERA LE uses a software defined radio technology, which even gave it the name. The Bluetooth low energy specification is rapidly being updated with modifications that enable ever new "Internet of Things" (IoT) features for our connected world. The choice of SoDeRa technique provides the flexibility to keep up with specification changes and to protect your investment.

No matter what twists and curves the technology brings, developers using SODERA LE will be able to efficiently and effectively develop and troubleshoot their Bluetooth low energy enabled devices or software.

Work Faster / Work Smarter

With SODERA LE you can speed through analysis, quickly. Built on the powerful Frontline software, used by engineers around the world to develop, to test and quickly troubleshoot their Bluetooth enabled devices. Use views like the Blueteooth Timeline, Message Sequence Chart, and Packet Error Rate Statistics (PERStat), and Frame Display to troubleshooting communications issues related to:

Inter-frame Spacing

• Insufficient Throughput

• Packet Type Selection and Packet Size

Power Consumption and Efficient Power Use

Timing and Environment Issues

Mesh Technology and IoT (Internet of Things)


Bluetooth 5 Spec Support: new important Bluetooth 5 LE features like 2Mbps, advertising extensions, long range and other key updates

SOftware DEfined RAdio architecture: means that SODERA LE is ready even for upcoming Bluetooth specifications; these are constantly evolving and changing; it protects your investment

Captures ALL over-the-air: Bluetooth low energy packets, fully synchronized and time stamped, in the 2.4 GHz band

Analyze Multiple Piconets: Intuitive analysis of multiple wireless devices and connections

Capture Now, Decrypt Later: Every Bluetooth channel captured concurrently for decryption and analysis at any time

Easy, Powerful, and Intuitive: Analyze and troubleshoot captured data using Frontline’s software and views

Fully Configurable: Software defined radio architecture is ready for future Bluetooth updates

Small Footprint for portability and easy of use

Built-in Attenuation for conductive (wired) sniffing in noisy environments

Mesh technology: supports CSRMesh and Bluetooth mesh technology


Datasheet SODERA LE

SODERA LE features and specifications

Download (696.3k)



Download (1.15M)

Frontline supports all latest adopted Bluetooth specifications, profiles and protocols. You can see a complete set of new, updated, and pending specifications, profiles and protocols on the the Bluetooth SIG website. Frontline also supports some of the emerging profiles and protocols to take advantage of the ongoing advances in wireless communications. 

Sodera LE covers all of these specifications which belong to the new Bluetooth LE category, ie. which are not based on BR/ EDR capabilities (Bluetooth Classic).

Core Specifications Supported: 

- Bluetooth 4.0;
- Bluetooth 4.1;
- Bluetooth 4.2;
- Bluetooth

Supported LE Profiles (above core spec): 

• ATT 

Supported LE Protocols (above core spec): 

• Alert Notification
• Automation IO
• Battery
• Blood Pressure Monitor
• Current Time
• Cycling Speed and Cadence
• Device Information
• DST Change
• Find Me
• Generic Access Profile
• Generic Attribute Profile
• Glucose
• Health Thermometer
• Heart Rate Monitor
• HID over GATT
• Immediate Alert
• Link Loss Alert
• Network Availability
• Notification
• Phone Alert Status
• Proximity 
• Pulse Oximiter
• Reference Time Update
• Runners Speed and Cadence
• Scan Parameters
• Time
• Tx Power
• Watchdog

Mesh specification

• CSRMesh (specs are a work in progress)
• Bluetooth  Mesh (specs are a work in progress)

State: June 2017.

Minimum PC requirements

To run the current version of Frontline protocol analysis software (included):

Processor: Core i5 at 2.7 GHz


Free HDD: 20GB hard disk space 

OS Supported: Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 

Connector: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 High Speed

Note: the measuring PC itself is not included.


Hardware Specifications 

Dimensions: 160 mm W x47 mm H x159 mm L (6.3” X 1.9” X 6.3” ) 

Weight: 1.3 kg (2.87 lb) 

Humidity: Operating: 0% - 90% (0 °C – 35 °C), non-condensing 

Temperature: 0 °C to +40 °C (32 °F to +104 °F) 

Power Input: 9 VDC (tip positive) 

Max Power: 12 W 

Timestamp resolution: 250ns 


Electromagnetic Parameters
RF Input → Radiated  Conducted
Max input signal 27 dBm 27 dBm
Max usable signal -10 dBm 27 dBm
Frequency range 2401 - 2481 MHz 2401 - 2481 MHz
Impedance 50 Ω 50 Ω


Receiver Sensitivity
Data Rate Sensitivity
2 Mbps -96.9 dBm
1 Mbps -93.3 dBm
500 Kbps -103.0 dBm
125 Kbps -106.8 dBm

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Pay less for what you precisely need.

Nov 2018: The New Offer of six Frontline SODERA variants allows you to pick such a variant which exactly covers your development needs and spec features of the product which you develop. It allows you to minimize your expenditure and/or to to equip your team with more various SODERA units.

New SODERA variants allow you to focus on either BR/EDR or LE radio and the related Bluetooth stack. You are also free to choose the wideband over-the-air sniffing unit only or include the additional advanced capabilities, too.

All BR/EDR SODERA variants feature the Audio Expert System included.

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