Frontline SODERA – Bluetooth 5 Wideband Protocol Analyzer
  • Frontline SODERA – Bluetooth 5 Wideband Protocol Analyzer
  • SODERA Captures All 79 Bluetooth Classic & all 40 Bluetooth Low Energy Channels from AIR
  • SODERA may be powered by replaceable accumulators
  • SODERA Front Panel
  • SODERA Rear Panel
  • Captures from 2 HCI PODs for HSUs circuit measurement
  • SODERA: Software which you know
  • SODERA: Sodera View
  • Network Topology Map (here a scatternet)
  • SODERA: Logic Analyzer View
  • SODERA: Bluetooth Classis PER Statistics View
  • SODERA: Bluetooth Low Energy PER Statistics View


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Bluetooth 5 Wideband Protocol Analyzer

Bluetooth 5 Development

Focused SODERA variants
of the full-fledged Bluetooth 5
protocol analyzer are ready now.

Pay less for what you precisely need.

Nov 2018: The New Offer of six Frontline SODERA variants allows you to pick such a variant which exactly covers your development needs and spec features of the product which you develop. It allows you to minimize your expenditure and/or to to equip your team with more various SODERA units.

New SODERA variants allow you to focus on either BR/EDR or LE radio and the related Bluetooth stack. You are also free to choose the wideband over-the-air sniffing unit only or include the additional advanced capabilities, too.

All BR/EDR SODERA variants feature the Audio Expert System included.

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Note: this webpage describes the fully fledged SODERA variant. Pls. contact us to determine which variant is suitable for you and which features it includes.

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Full Support for Bluetooth 5 + Multiple Devices Data CaptureIndustry-Best Decodes + Post-Capture DecryptionClassic & Low Energy Coexistence + Mesh SupportHCI Command Capture + Evolution with the Bluetoooth Spec


Key Functions and Advantages


  • Capture concurrently ALL:
    over-the-air packets of both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy channels
    HCI commands (Bluetooth controller boundary) or digital signal wires (Logic Analyzer)
  • Develop for Bluetooth 5: decode all profiles and protocols supported through Bluetooth 5
  • Post-Capture decryption: packet decryption and analysis any time later
  • Excursion mode: works on user-replaceable battery anywhere
  • Bluetooth + WiFi Coexistence: with optional Frontline 802.11 Analyzer
  • Capture complex topologies: analyze intuitively multiple piconets and magnitude of Bluetooth devices 
  • Software defined radio concept: be ready for upcoming Bluetooth updates
  • Frontline’s Expertise: 16+ years experience with Bluetooth technology and market
  • Spectrum analysis: see the state of RF and possible collisions
  • Sophisticated and fast root cause analysis: using optional expert systems
    › Audio Expert System for audio issues
    › Protocol Expert System for protocol issues
  • Conductive testing: to perform environment independent measurements
  • New Bluetooth paradigms: IoT – CSRMesh and Bluetooth mesh technology

Develop Hardware or Software for Bluetooth 5
both Classic and Low Energy

SODERA Protocol Analyzer makes use of software-defined radio technology to allow you to capture and see all continuous Bluetooth traffic on all its channels. You see all packets as they happen in the air! Regardless of the number and type of Bluetooth devices, node topologies, types of technologies, roles and protocols. 

SODERA's radio tuner captures the whole 2.4 GHz ISM band of Bluetooth traffic. A true wideband receiver, tuned and configured according to Bluetooth baseband specifications. SODERA intercepts independently and concurrently all 79 Bluetooth Classic channels as well as all 40 Bluetooth Low Energy channels. 

You may record and view even all traffic which happens already before the Bluetooth connections are established, see the inquiry and paging packets of Bluetooth Classic states. Similarly, you can follow all advertisement packets and extended advertisement of Bluetooth Low Energy. 

In summary, SODERA captures, records, analyzes and presents all Bluetooth BR/EDR/LE packets in its range.

Verify your Bluetooth Security: Capture Now – Decrypt later

SODERA analyzer lets pair and bond the devices and run the whole communication sessions of the tested device(s) in the exact same manner as when no sniffer is present, it allows having no regard for its own measurement in the background. The developer may enter the relevant decryption key data even when the capture stage is finished and the traffic is already captured. It enables the developer to choose the best way and the proper moment to explore the decryption data from his device under test and to hand them over to SODERA.

Say goodbye to often artificial measuring scenarios which required to enter the encryption keys in advance of the measurement or which stressed the developer to resign to watch and to test some kinds of encrypted sessions. Make your products more secure.

Bluetooth Controller boundary interception

In addition to a capture of Bluetooth data transmitted over-the-air, SODERA also may perform simultaneous interception of the Host to Controller Interface (HCI).

HCI is present in many Bluetooth devices. Concurrent captures allow correlating HCI commands and data with the Bluetooth packets in the air. SODERA provides up to two HCI ports and connects to both used forms of HCI: a high-speed serial UART or USB interface.

Logic Analyzer: digital signals vs. Bluetooth packets

Instead of or beside the HCI recording SODERA can tap up to two digital signal wires per its hardware port, ie. up to four digital signal wires. The course of record is available not only in the Frame Display window but particularly in the new SODERA's Logic Analyzer view. The latter allows comprehensive look plus an easy and fast user control to check the correlation of the digital signal changes with Bluetooth over-the-air sent packets as well as precise timing measurements between these events.

Portable analyzer means truly mobile capture

SODERA contains a user-replaceable and intelligently rechargeable battery. SODERA is capable of capturing at least one hour of Bluetooth traffic charged only by this battery. It does not need any measuring PC to be connected either. 

Alternatively, SODERA is charged by the vehicle power adapter (optional) or normal power charger and the battery only secures the continuous power to overcome any voltage fluctuation or outages, such as those which happen during vehicle’s motor start-ups or stops.

Bluetooth Development Expertise of new levels

Frontline software for SODERA provides all traditional protocol analysis features and capabilities which allowed the engineers and developers to develop Bluetooth devices and software with the assistance of Frontline analyzers for more than 15+ years. Besides SODERA’s capture and decryption capabilities that are superior to all former analyzer models and besides the full support of Bluetooth 5 decodes, Frontline software also incorporates new software features as SODERA View or Spectrum analysis, which are unique just for SODERA analyzer.

On top of that Frontline has developed the optional add-on software modules which comprise the knowledge commonly mastered only by human experts in the Bluetooth technology area. Their capabilities cover the complex relations of Bluetooth protocols, which normally require overseeing and understanding of multiple data packets and protocol events. Using these Expert System modules, the novice becomes nearly the expert and the real expert may work essentially faster. They help to discover the root cause.

There is one module dealing with more general Bluetooth protocol issues and another one focused on the development of audio transmissions. They can be used together too.

The first Bluetooth Protocol Expert System provides the concise in-depth analysis of configuration, Bluetooth profile errors, and HCI or transport issues. Two additional test tools are included too. LE Jammer tool allows transmitting of the additional LE traffic, emulating more load in 2.4 GHz ISM band. It allows developing more robust products. A2DP Sink tool makes SODERA a user-controllable sink device. This direct measurement provides a much more precise evaluation of the source device’s quality and Bluetooth audio score.

The latter Bluetooth Audio Expert System finds all audio relevant Bluetooth packets and assemblies both the codec’s level and the audio signal shape from them. It provides the real-time visualization and play of the reconstructed audio signal together with the three types of events relevant to each level. The expertise rules of the module then evaluate the correlation of all recognized protocol, codec, and audio events and pinpoint the moments of possible audio errors. It enables the user to clearly see and precisely understand what happens from the audio point of view, especially at the moments when audio problems occur. Each point of the record is synchronized to the original Bluetooth packet stream in order to check the precise content of every related Bluetooth packet.

The module may utilize both the general unreferenced and specific referenced sound mode. The latter compares the detected sound with the expected one and may quickly note any differences. 

All features make the root cause diagnostic of audio issues essentially faster and easier. It allows developing the product with higher audio qualities and reliability.

Develop for new Bluetooth paradigms: IoT and Mesh

Bluetooth 5 specification steps out from Bluetooth as a personal area network towards the Internet of Things concept. This is emphasized especially by such new features as Long Range. SODERA not only supports all Bluetooth 5 features, but its software defined radio architecture leaves it open to upcoming amendments and revisions. 

Nowadays SODERA already supports the present form of CSRMesh and Bluetooth Mesh technology. Both are work in progress and are expected to be developed further.

Bluetooth + Wi-Fi Coexistence

The analysis of 802.11 (Wi-Fi) and Bluetooth data packets in perfect mutual time alignment is quite a difficult task. It is essential to capture the precise timing, frequency, size, and content of all packets in order to successfully develop, test and debug the devices which use both technologies, or which utilize the +HS option of Bluetooth specification.

Frontline 802.11 is an optional analyzer by Frontline which has been developed for this purpose. When combined together with SODERA, using the ProbeSyncTM to synchronize the hardware clocks of both analyzers, developers may clearly see both 802.11 packets and Bluetooth 4.0 or 5 +HS packets together in one coexistence view.

Spectrum analysis: see the 2.4 GHz ISM band

SODERA captures not only the Bluetooth packets from the air, but it also may record the 2.4 GHz band spectrum samples as they are present at the SODERA antenna. 

The Coexistence View then displays the intercepted spectrum power levels (power heats) synchronized to the view of the captured Bluetooth packets.

The heat map allows seeing the present occupancy of the 2.4 GHz ISM band time slots and frequencies by other transmitting technologies. It also shows the occurrence of any other RF interference. The depicted shapes may often help to discover or identify their potential sources or their nature.

The modern Bluetooth technology (both Classic and LE) automatically avoids the channels where Bluetooth packets would regularly collide. This adaptive behavior ensures that Bluetooth is more noise tolerant than other techniques, it transmits even when the 2.4 GHz band is seriously filled with noise.

The spectrum analysis may show and prove what conditions of the ISM band are yet bearable to maintain the communication of the developed Bluetooth devices. The developer may also correlate the symptoms which his Bluetooth devices experience to the different conditions of ISM band. 


Datasheet SODERA

SODERA features and specifications

Download (1.33M)



Download (1.15M)

Focused SODERA-s (Nov 2018)

Datasheet describing various Frontline SODERA variants

Download (518.42k)

Note: this webpage describes the fully fledged SODERA variant. Pls. contact us to determine which variant is suitable for you and which features it includes.


The Frontline Sodera Wideband Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer supports a comprehensive list of Bluetooth specifications, profiles, and protocols. You can see a complete set of new, updated, and pending specifications, profiles and protocols on the the Bluetooth SIG website. Frontline supports all adopted specifications, profiles and protocols.

Bluetooth Specifications

- Bluetooth v1.0
- Bluetooth v1.1
- Bluetooth v1.2
- Bluetooth v2.0
- Bluetooth v2.0 +EDR
- Bluetooth v2.1
- Bluetooth v2.1 +EDR
- Bluetooth v3.0
- Bluetooth v3.0 +HS
- Bluetooth v3.1
- Bluetooth v3.1 +HS
- Bluetooth v4.0 "low energy"
- Bluetooth v4.0 +HS
- Bluetooth v4.1
- Bluetooth v4.2 +HS
- Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth Profiles & Protocols (Classic and High Speed)

• 802.11 MAC
• 802.11 Radio
• Bluetooth PRP
• 802.11 AMP
• NMEA_0183
• Virtual Sniffer
• WiMedia
• BlueCore Serial Protocol
• Three-Wire UART
• A2DP
• AMP Manager
• AVDTP Media
• AVDTP Recover
• AVDTP Report
• AVDTP Signaling
• AVRCP Browsing
• Baseband
• Extended Inquiry Response
• Bluetooth FHS
• GAP (Generic Access Profile)
• H4DS
• Hands-Free
• HCRP Control
• HCRP Data
• HDP (Health Device Profile)
• Headset
• IEEE11073
• Non-Captured Info
• SIM Application
• Bluetooth USB
• Bluetooth Virtual Transport
• Frame Info
• Encapsulated AsyncPPP
• mSBC
• MCAP Control
• SyncML
• LE LL Ctrl

Supported LE Profiles (above core spec):


Supported LE Protocols (above core spec):

• Alert Notification
• Automation IO
• Battery
• Blood Pressure Monitor
• Current Time
• Cycling Speed and Cadence
• Device Information
• DST Change
• Find Me
• Generic Access Profile
• Generic Attribute Profile
• Glucose
• Health Thermometer
• Heart Rate Monitor
• HID over GATT
• Immediate Alert
• Link Loss Alert
• Network Availability
• Notification
• Phone Alert Status
• Proximity
• Pulse Oximiter
• Reference Time Update
• Runners Speed and Cadence
• Scan Parameters
• Time
• Tx Power
• Watchdog

State: June 2017.

Note: this webpage describes the fully fledged SODERA variant. Pls. contact us to determine which variant is suitable for you and which features it includes.

Minimum PC requirements

To run the current version of Frontline protocol analysis software (included):

Processor: Core i5 at 2.7 GHz


Free HDD: 20GB hard disk space 

OS Supported: Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10 

Connector: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 High Speed

Note: the measuring PC itself is not included.


Hardware Specifications

Power: 9-17 VDC

Dimensions: 159mm x 54mm x 165mm (6.25” X 2.125” X 6.5”)

Weight: 1000g (2.2lb)

Bus Type: USB Standard Type-B 

Operating Frequencies: 2402 MHz – 2480 MHz

Sensitivity Range: -85.0 dBm to +10 dBm

Supported Demodulators: BR/EDR and LE (GFSK, π/4 DQPSK, 8DPSK)

Timestamp Resolution: 125 ns

Operating Temperature: 5° to 35° Celsius (41° to 95° Fahrenheit)

Humidity: Operating: 10% to 90% RH (noncondensing)

Regulatory Compliance: PSE, FCC part 15 B, CE, NRTL, ARIB, T-66, EMC, EN 60950


Complementary Tools & Add-Ons

Addon software Expert System modules [optional]:

· Bluetooth Audio Expert System
· Bluetooth Protocol Expert System

Complementary Tools (Analyzers) [optional]:

· Frontline 802.11
· Frontline NFC
· Frontline SD 2.0
· Frontline HSU (compatible, but unnecessarily redundant)

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