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Bluetooth Protocol Expert System

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Add-On Expert Module & Testing Toolbox

To be used with:

• BPA600


» Makes the novice an expert, and the expert’s job easier.

» Concise in-depth analysis of configuration, HCI/transport, and Bluetooth profile issues and errors.

» + Test tools for debugging scenarios → greater precision & more robust products.


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BPES goes beyond identification of errors by providing specific and useful contextual references and statistical information which helps to simplify root cause analysis of what’s causing those errors, and which, in turn, leads to faster and more successful product development.

This makes it an indespensible module for new Bluetooth developers and for Bluetooth experts who require greater efficiency in the lab during the development and QA cycles.

Key features and benefits

Root cause analysis simpler and more efficient (advanced analysis and data display).

• Identifies not only errors, but violations of best practices, protocol violations and ambiguities.

References relevant sections of the Bluetooth specification (for greater insight into protocol issues and standards).

A2DP Sink (Tool)

It allows Sodera to become a user-controllable sink device.

It utilizes the HCI trace to guarantee no packet loss when performing audio measurements.

Using this tool provides a much more accurate depiction of the source device’s Bluetooth audio score.

LE Jammer (Tool)

Bluetooth low energy packets are generated across all Bluetooth channels either randomly or in sequential order.


Datasheet BPES

BPES features and specifications

Download (1.07M)

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Test the quality of your product and speed-up its time to the market.

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BPA 600

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Dual Mode Bluetooth® Protocol Analyzer

Bluetooth 4.2

• Classic &
• Low Energy

protocol analyzer


Bluetooth Audio Expert System

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Add-On Bluetooth Audio Expert Module

To be used with:

• BPA600


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